3 Steps to Take After a Windstorm

Has your business in Plainview, MN been hit by a powerful windstorm? Wind damage is a serious issue; it can lead to many further damages unless preventative steps are taken.

1. Tarps & Plywood

A windstorm can cause many damages, with some of the most severe to your roof. One of the most pressing issues with a damaged roof is the threat of a roof leak. After a storm, be sure to inspect your roof for any holes or peeling shingles. Cover these with a sheet of plywood topped with a water-resistant tarp until a professional can be contacted to conduct repairs. The plywood, meant to prevent water from pooling in the tarp, should be at least 1/2 inch thick and fastened with wood screws. Be sure to also secure the tarp to the top of the plywood.

2. Radar Monitoring

Be sure to monitor your local news stations to see if any further storms are coming. Also, consider downloading a mobile app that shows real-time radar for when you're on-the-go. A few hours warning of another incoming storm can give you some much-needed preparation time and allow you to cover a potential roof leak. It is also wise to keep an eye on the sky, as weather stations and radars do not always predict pop-up storms.

3. Remove Debris

While it's also recommended to trim shrubs, bushes and trees before a wind storm hits, you should also clean up any debris left in the aftermath. If another storm comes, this will lessen the number of flying projectiles, and, thus mitigate any further damages. Keep an eye out for any roof pieces, as these are most likely missing shingles from your roof. Be sure to talk with your surrounding business owners, as they also should clean up their properties for the same reasons.

With the proper vigilance and actions, your building can be protected from a roof leak and other stressful issues.


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