3 Tips for Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan for Your Business

No business owner wants to think about a fire-related disaster in the workplace, but being proactive and creating a fire escape plan is just good business sense. Here are three tips for developing an evacuation strategy for your employees.

1. Visualize Your Plan

Start by taking inventory of key emergency-related items:

Fire exits
Fire alarms
Fire extinguishers
Emergency staircases
First aid kits
Meet-up points

Map out each floor of your building. Mark all of the above points clearly on your drawing. Creating a map not only helps you remember the plan during a fire, but it can also show you any forgotten areas that might need more fire safety precautions.

2. Post Your Plan

From your initial rough sketch, you can create a detailed map and instructions for each floor that your employees can use to find their way to safety. Include a legend that uses easily understood symbols to mark each item on your map. For example, a symbol showing a figure running down a staircase from fire is commonly used to indicate an emergency staircase.

Post your fire escape plan on every floor in heavily trafficked areas such as main entrances, elevators and lobbies. The more opportunity your employees and visitors have to see it, the more they will be prepared.

3. Assign Responsibilities

Ask for volunteers to take on emergency escape plan tasks. These can include informing fellow employees about safety plans, making sure that evacuation procedures happen without panic and giving a headcount at a designated meet-up place. When peers show responsibility and care for each other, it builds workforce unity and morale.

Having a fire escape plan for your employees to follow is the mark of a responsible business owner. If an emergency does happen, it will be a relief to know that all of your workers in Osseo, MN can get out of the building safely.


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