3 Ways an Electronic Claims Service Makes Life Easier

As a business owner in Eden Prairie, MN, managing an insurance claim and a restoration project can feel like an overwhelming task. You still have a business to attend to — shouldn't there be an easier way? When you first speak with your insurance agent about your claim, they will recommend a preferred vendor to complete your restoration. While there may be a number of names on that list, one important question that you should ask is this: does the company use an electronic claims service?

Here are three ways that working with a company that uses an electronic claims service will make your life a lot easier.

1. Electronic Files

From the moment you make your first call to the emergency restoration service, all of your data will be stored in an electronic file. Your estimates, photos, forms, and paperwork will all be collected in a digital file that will be shared with you via email or hard copy at the conclusion of your project. Having access to a system like this allows you to keep everything in one place, and it can be easily shared with your insurance agent as well.

2. Online Access

All relevant paperwork is stored online, so you'll be able to log on to review it and add to it when you need to. Additionally, most electronic claims service platforms keep track of each step of the process. You'll be able to see which jobs are scheduled and when they'll happen, as well as what has already been done.

3. Useful Graphics

The best services help you to understand how your insurance claim stacks up against industry standards. You'll have access to job cost data, and you'll be able to see graphics that compare your job to the expected industry standards so that you always know that your job is being done well.

When you've had to file an insurance claim, ask to work with a company that uses a top-notch electronic claims service to keep things simple.


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