4 Damages from Hail

Is your business in Hamburg, MN at risk for hail damage? It's important to be informed of the dangers that hail poses to the health of your building.

1. Cracked or Missing Shingles

Roof damage is a problem that comes with every hailstorm, but that doesn't make it a trivial issue. If your roof is shingled, it's essential that you check for any damages. Be on the lookout for any missing or warped shingles.

2. Damaged Fixtures

A roof-mounted HVAC system is also at risk when hailstorms occur. In preparation, it is a good idea to install a hail guard over your system. Other fixtures, such as solar panels, skylights and any wifi or power lines can also be damaged by falling hail. Be sure to inspect all of these carefully if your building is outfitted with any.

3. Broken Glass

Aside from roof damage, one of the most obvious damages caused by hail is broken glass. If the faces of your building have a large amount of glass, be sure to check it over for any chips or scratches. Even hardened glass that is rated for hailstorms can fail under certain conditions, and it's wise to identify any chips before they progress into larger cracks.

4. Water Leaks

Hail can easily cause a multitude of holes in your building. If winds are severe, the hail can also be blown to the side in sheets. Thus, it's important to not only check your roof, but also your walls. The most pressing issue from holes is the threat of another thunderstorm. With your building unprotected, rain can easily enter the structure and become a major hassle. As a temporary solution, until professionals can arrive for repairs, you can cover all the holes with tarp or plywood.

Hail and roof damage can quickly overwhelm the uninformed business owner. But, with a little knowledge and preparation, you can be sure that your building will be protected.


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