4 Things To Do After Finding Black Mold in Your House

If you discover mold in your Rosemount MN, home, you'll need to act quickly. However, you may not know what steps to take in this situation. Here are four things to do after finding black mold in your house.

1. Contact Removal Professionals

After finding mold in your home, you'll need to get help. Whatever you do, don't try to perform the mold cleanup by yourself. Instead, contact mold damage remediation experts. Once the professionals arrive, several steps may be taken to restore your home. These are a few methods the experts often use:

Air quality testing
Swab sampling
Mold vacuuming

2. Turn Off Your HVAC

Because black mold spores can travel through the air, you need to prevent any further spreading. One way to do this while staying safe is turning off your heating and air-conditioning systems. By doing this, you can prevent mold spores from traveling between rooms. There's also a possibility that mold grew in your HVAC systems, in which case the ventilation could spread mold throughout your home.

3. Isolate the Area

Until professional help arrives, it's best to stay away from the mold. This is especially true if it's extensive. Be sure to close off the room you found mold in. Afterward, you should keep an eye out for other areas with fungus, especially in places with a moisture problem. If you find several moldy spots, it may be best to leave your house.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

Once the mold has been contained, you'll need to contact your insurance company. While most policies don't cover mold in the home, you may be insured if the initial damage was caused by a covered peril. You may also be able to get partial or limited coverage.

Black mold in the home needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Keep these steps in mind to prepare yourself for this occurrence.


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