4 Tips to Help Prevent Bathroom Mold

Your bathroom is one of the most common places to find mold growing in your house. The excessive moisture and standing water creates an ideal fungal breeding ground, as well as paves the way for unnecessary water damage. Implementing the following measures can help prevent your bathroom in Minneapolis, MN 55442 from falling victim to an unwanted mold problem.

1. Hang Bathroom Towels and Rugs Up to Dry Properly

You need to make sure you're allowing your bathroom towels to dry properly by hanging them up on a hook after each shower or bath. Do the same with your bathroom rugs by draping them over the edge of the bathtub after each use. Both of these bathroom items need to be washed at least once each week.

2. Install a Mold/Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain

Your shower or bathtub is the primary culprit when it comes to generated excessive amounts of moisture. Purchasing a shower curtain that naturally resists fungal growth can help aid in your mold prevention efforts.

3. Avoid Storing Items in Your Shower

Shampoo bottles, bathtub toys and loofahs that are stored in your shower provide a fantastic hiding place for mold growth. To help prevent this, you should store these items on a separate, dry shelf or rack adjacent to the shower/tub. It may not be as convenient as keeping them in the shower, but it's definitely easier than dealing with a mold issue.

4. Ventilate Your Bathroom Properly While Showering

Long, hot showers are excellent at generating condensation. Prevent unnecessary water damage from excessive moisture buildup by activating your bathroom's ventilation fan every time you shower. Alternatively, you could crack a window open to allow steam to escape.

Your bathroom is especially vulnerable to both mold growth and water damage. It's extremely important for you to consciously implement the proper preventative measures in order to help keep mold at bay. While the above tips can certainly help, they cannot guarantee your complete immunity.


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