After a Major Blaze, Commercial Owners Should Fix Both Fire and Water Damage

When a conflagration dies out, commercial owners in Rosemount MN, are left with significant issues. Property that once thrived with customers is now a hazard, charred, stained and soaked. Immediately, proprietors should work with a restoration company to assess the water and fire damage concerns. By fixing both problems, the establishment receives proper cleaning and can reopen with fewer worries about future complications.

How Is Water Saturation Handled?

What started as an intense inferno turned into a water-logged space. Firefighters use hoses to extinguish the flames, covering walls, flooring and valuables with water. When left alone, this dampness triggers mold spores to reproduce. To avoid water damage, the experts must complete the following actions:

-Assess porous objects for possible exposure
-Perform flood cuts on soaked drywall
-Remove wet baseboards and flooring
-Evaluate the roof's integrity
-Relocate wet furniture and fixtures
-Trash anything exposed to bacteria and/or mold
-Run dehumidifiers to restore appropriate humidity levels

What Does Fire Remediation Include?

With the location now dry from the effects, technicians begin to tackle the fire damage. Using high-tech equipment, they remove stains and soot, recreating a clean atmosphere. Deodorizing treatment is completed, eliminating stale odors. Content cleaning is completed for items heavily soiled. Upholstery, photos and electronics may be eligible for special attention. Be sure to point out valuable possessions that you would like to salvage.

The fire hose has a good deal of force. It may have broken windows or doors. At this time, the restoration crew can mend any physical harm to the structure, repainting and adding new flooring. New fixtures and furniture are brought inside as well as anything else stored during the rebuild.

Water and fire damage are both important to correct. The moisture should be dealt with first to reduce mold spread. With that contained, turn attention to anything else that requires attention.


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