Gear Up for Mold Remediation

3 Minutes

While mold is always around in a dormant state, it can quickly come to life in the right conditions. Once your Minneapolis home has an infestation, quick cleanup and remediation are vital to keeping the damage at a minimum and spreading to non-affected areas. Since mold spreads via spores, face masks should be worn around any growth. Those spores also mean additional protective equipment is necessary.

Proper PPE

When there is mold damage, there is a chance of being exposed to potentially hazardous spores. These microscopic spores can easily be inhaled and attach themselves to various surfaces. For proper remediation, it is recommended to approach mold with the right gear, which includes:

Gloves – Latex, vinyl or nitrile can be used. Ensure they fit properly to avoid spores making their way inside of them. Remove and properly dispose of them after leaving the area.
Hair covers – While this might not seem necessary, spores can settle into your hair. That can lead to transferring it to other areas as well as increase the chances of inhaling them.
Shoe covers – Disposable booties can help ensure nothing is tracked to another area. They should be removed and a new one used like the gloves.
Clothing – If wearing your own clothing, ensure the ensemble includes pants and a long-sleeved shirt. The clothing should be washed in hot water immediately after leaving the area. Disposable coverings are also available.
Safety goggles – During the cleanup, debris can be stirred up. Along with spores, other minute materials can get into the eyes.
Face masks – Air-purifying masks are designed to filter tiny mold particles and available at different efficiency levels.

Remediation Experts

Considering the equipment required, let alone the actual difficult process of remediation, the best solution is to call a mold remediation and restoration professional at AdvantaClean. They will have the tools, expertise and technology to get your home back to normal.

Dealing with mold isn’t a fun task. Along with wearing face masks, various other protective gear should be worn to stop mold from spreading.


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