How to Safely Fix Electronics After Water Damage

If intense flooding hits Chanhassen, MN or a burst pipe ravages your company's storage space, your important computer equipment may become soaked. Although your first inclination might be to toss anything affected, did you know it’s possible to rehabilitate flooded electronics?

Here’s how:

Drying Electronics

The first stage to reclaiming your valuable electronics is eliminating moisture. Follow these steps to get them safely dry:

-Before grabbing submerged objects, remove wet clothing and avoid standing in water. You do not want to get a nasty shock.
-If your machines connect to an external power source, shut it down.
-Look for smoke or heat emanating from the gear. When this happens, discard the item, as it could be an indication of a compromised battery.
-Switch the devices off and drain existing fluids via gentle rotation and shaking.
-Remove batteries and expose the internal circuitry, allowing any remaining water to drain.

Although a popular practice, never place flooded electronics in rice. Doing so fails to provide any drying benefit and can even cause more electronic damage.

Cleaning Circuit Boards

-Once the items are dry and dismantled, soak them in isopropyl alcohol. Alternatively, use distilled water, although this option takes longer. Using a fine brush, excise any offending debris. If possible, use an ultrasonic cleaner, as doing so enables access to otherwise inaccessible dirt.
-Next, set a hairdryer to cold and focus it on the logic boards. Another drying option is to place the items beneath a warm lamp. Perform a final check confirming every component has achieved optimal cleanliness, then replace batteries with fresh ones and reassemble. Switch them on and observe whether the electronics have suffered permanent damage. Should smaller components fail, replace them, one at a time.

Now that the flooded electronics are back in working condition, call upon a water damage rehabilitator to fix your facility's plumbing or storage space and return everything else back to normal.


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