How To Teach Your Kids To Escape a House Fire

House fires can be scary for both adults and children. In the event of a fire, you will probably be worried about your kids safety Fortunately, there are some tips that can help make this situation a lot less stressful and help to get your children out of your home safely.

Have Fire Drills

It might seem silly, but practice can stave off panic during a home fire. During a fire drill, you should:

-Try different routes
-Make sure everyone can get out within three minutes
-Make sure your kids understand smoke and fire procedures like not opening doors and crawling
-Map your escape plan

Having fire drills will show you and your children how to safely escape a fire.

Have a Plan

Your fire safety plan should be a family plan. Teach your children the rules of escaping a fire successfully. Show them how to check for heat and smoke under closed doors. Tell them not to open doors that might have a fire behind them. Show them how to lightly touch a doorknob to check for signs of heat. Make sure they know the fire escape plan without having to think or read about it.

Mark Your Exits

You might assume that your children understand what is and is not a fire exit. If you are concerned about your kids safety, make sure your exits are marked, and you have a clear route to get out. Never assume they will know where to go and where to meet up after they exit a home or building.

After a Fire

House fires are devastating to you and your children. You should also have a plan for what happens after a fire, so your kids will not be wondering what is next. Contact a fire remediation company in Rosemount, MN, before you need one so you can get a timeline for when you will be back in your home.

During a house fire, a lot is going on. You can help ensure your kids safety by having fire drills, preplanning, marking exits and taking other safety precautions.


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