Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire

5 Minutes

Few business owners immediately think of smoke cleaning after a fire. However, without it, you will notice a strong odor even after the visible damage has been repaired. Offensive odors can permeate walls, carpets, furniture, or any porous material. The scent can even be found lurking in a room that was not directly affected by the fire. It is important to have the odors properly removed because attempting to mask the odors will cause them to return once the fragrance wears off. Fortunately, there are several common methods that professionals use to eliminate pesky smoke odors for good.

1. Thermal Foggers

Fogging machines work by emitting a petroleum-based solution into the air. These particles create heat and pressurization, causing materials to bond with these droplets instead of the smoke odors. The fog permeates the building, filling even tiny gaps in carpeting and other substances. The professionals that operate these devices wear protective clothing when setting up the machines and then vacate the area until the process is complete.

2. Ozone Machines

An effective smoke cleaning option, ozone machines break down oxygen molecules and recombine the oxygen molecules to make ozone molecules. The ozone then removes contaminants by breaking down smoke proteins and other chemicals that lead to smoke odor.

3. Air Filtration Devices

Also known as scrubbers, air filtration devices pull air from inside the room, push it through a filter, and then release the clean air back into the open. When used with a HEPA filter, air filtration devices can remove 99.97% of impurities caused by smoke damage.

Smoke cleaning is often the final step in returning your fire-damaged business to its pre-fire condition. When you work with the professional fire restoration technicians at AdvantaClean, you have access to professionals that are trained in the science behind the removal of odors. With AdvantaClean, your business will soon be back to pre-loss conditions.


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